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sudah lama tak buat luahan dekat blog ni...bukan tak nak buat cuma tak tahu nak tulis benda apa...tapi hari ni saya nak buat sedikit luahan...Get Ready! no touching ~READ ONLY ~ hahaha ^_^

i don't know but i think i maybe falling for you,
dropping so quickly,
maybe i should keep this to myself,
waiting till i know you better !

i am trying not to tell you but i want to,
but scared of what you'll said,
so i'm hiding what i feeling,
but i'm tired off holding inside my head !

i've been spending all my time,
just thinking about you,
i don't know what to do,
i think i falling for you !

as i'm stnding here and you hold my hand,
pull me towards tou and me start to dance,
all around us i see nobody,
here in silence just you and me,
oh,i just can't take it my hearts is racing,
emoticons keep spinning out !

you by the light is the greatest time,
in a world full of wrong you the things that right,
through the lonely through the other side !

you said it again my heart emoticon,
every word feels like a shooting star,
i'm at the edge of my emoticon,
watching the words in the dark,
and i'm in love i'm terrified,
for the 1st time and the last time,
and my only life...!!!

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