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i hug up the phone tonight,
something happens for the list time,
deep inside it was a rush,what a rush?
cuz the posibility,
that you could ever feel the some way about me,
it was too much.

why do i keep running from the truth,
all i ever think about is you,
you got me hypnotized,so mesmerized,
and i juz got to know.

do you ever feel when you are alone,
all that we can be where the thing can go,
am i crazy or falling in love,
is it really juz another crush,
do you catch a breath?

when i look at you,
are you holding back,like the way i do,
cuz i'm trying to walk away,
but i know this crush ain't going away.
are we juz friend,is it more,is it more?
see it the chance we gotta take,
cuz i believe,we can't make this into,
something that we last,last forever,FOREVER !

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